What does it take to build and
sustain international success?
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Consider This ...

Success in the global marketplace brings many rewards — multiple growth opportunities, new market gateways, revenue stability, increased profits, expanded resource access, greater corporate visibility, higher brand value, asset diversification, innovation incentives, synergistic partnerships, and economies of scale.

Helping businesses — from start-ups to multinationals — attain these rewards, in virtually every corner of the world, has been a challenging and rewarding endeavor that continues to change as new technologies break down old barriers, business cultures evolve, and economies become more inter-dependent.

Throughout an international career that now spans more than 30 years I have built an eclectic background in business development, system engineering, project management, partnership building, cross-cultural negotiation, overseas market analysis, and creative media production.

This broad experience, combined with valuable corporate and public sector connections around the world, is of potential benefit to any business that seeks highly-qualified "on-demand" support when pursuing new opportunities in the global marketplace.

Daniel Turner
Global Business Specialist
Victoria, BC, Canada

Global Support ...
As And When You Require It

Optimizing your competitive advantage by integrating a highly-experienced and well-connected International Business Specialist into your unique organization — as and when required — can provide multiple short and long-term benefits as you expand your operations around the globe. (see How I Work)

To help your business achieve its goals, "on-demand" support is provided in twelve critical areas — foreign market analysis, strategic planning, high-end proposal writing, global partnership alliance and consortium building, cross-cultural negotiation, global IP protection, virtual project management, promotional "micro-video" production, overseas conference and exhibition presentation, as well as multilingual mobile and online marketing.

International Project Portfolio and Client History

Over the last thirty years, international projects and assignments have been undertaken for Global 100 companies, high-tech and service industry start-ups, non-profit organizations, public corporations, as well as national, regional, and civic governments. (see Clients)

The benefits of working with organizations like Sony, Toyota, Corel, Singapore Airlines, Inter-American Development Bank, Kowloon-Canton Railway, and Saudi Oil Services, are not only limited to the experience gained, but are greatly enhanced by the business connections established through these global organizations and their partners.

Professional Expertise and Global Experience

As it is with most aspects of business, relevant experience is a valuable asset, especially when it is richly-diversified and developed over an extended period. The global economy, however, is now changing more rapidly than ever, so an up-to-date knowledge of key markets and how they interact based on economic, cultural, and political changes, is just as important as foundational experience if success is to be achieved and sustained.
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Working as an advisor to private and public sector organizations, especially in developing and emerging markets, has required the application of a broad range of business, engineering, and creative skills - from market analysis to system design and creative media production.

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