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sustain international success?
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Throughout an international career that spans more than 30 years I have built an eclectic background in business development, system engineering, project management, partnership building, cross-cultural negotiation, overseas market analysis, and creative media production ... with emphasis on supporting the development of global opportunities for high-growth organizations from start-ups to multinationals.

This broad experience, combined with significant corporate and public sector connections around the world, is of potential benefit to any business that seeks highly-qualified support when defining, launching, or building a successful presence in the global marketplace ... whether it's on-line or on-the-ground.

Daniel Turner
Global Business Specialist
Victoria, BC, Canada

Global Support

Bringing in the right expertise at the right time,
by flexibly integrating a 'Global Business Specialist' into your organization, can help you penetrate new markets, expand overseas operations, and sustain long-term international success - without the need to commit over the long-term to additional (and often expensive) resources before your overseas strategy starts to generate tangible results.

This dynamic approach to acquiring expertise not only allows you to maintain the type of lean business model that is so important in today’s turbulent global economy, but it also makes financial sense.

Professional support is provided in 12 different areas including market analysis and strategic planning, mobile marketing, project management, foreign partnership development, alliance building, overseas negotiations, proposal authoring, promotional media production, and ...

Project and
Client History

Over the last thirty years, international projects and assignments have been undertaken for Global 100 companies, high-tech and service industry start-ups, non-profit organizations, public corporations, as well as national, regional, and civic governments.

The benefits of working with organizations like Sony, Toyota, Corel, Singapore Airlines, Inter-American Development Bank, Kowloon Railway, and Saudi Oil Services, is not only limited to the experience gained, but is greatly enhanced by the business connections established through these organizations and their partners. This invaluable asset, which continues to grow, is something that is brought to each assignment and every new client, whenever appropriate and beneficial to their unique global objectives.

and Expertise

As it is with most aspects of business, relevant experience is a valuable asset, especially when it is richly-diversified and developed over an extended period. The global economy, however, is now changing more rapidly than ever, so an up-to-date knowledge of key markets and how they interact based on economic, cultural, and political changes, is just as important as foundational experience if success is to be achieved and sustained.
(see Perspective 2014)

Working as an advisor to private and public sector organizations, especially in developing and emerging markets, has required the application of a broad range of business, engineering, and creative skills - from market analysis to system design and creative media production. These skills (and more) have been applied within across several industry sectors, including high-tech, service, advertising, energy, engineering, financial and ...

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